Welcome to all our new families and welcome back to all our old friends!  It is so nice to see all of you and have you as part of our WLPS family!

We are excited to offer Picnic Pals for our Threes and Fours again this year and the program will have activities and art related to a children’s book each week.

Fun in the Arts is an afterschool program for Kindergarteners that features music, movement and art.  This year our group meets on Tuesday afternoons and will be led by Mrs. Flakus.

In case of severe weather such as a hurricane, the school will follow closures as dictated by Duval County Public Schools and/or JU.  Watch your local news for announcements.


Adventures of Bud and Wilma Dolphin

(Bud relaxed on a park swing in Tennessee while on the way to Michigan with Wilma)