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Curriculum and Activities

This program prepares children for Kindergarten. Children are taught needed skills through content-theme based units.  The units take into consideration the children’s interests and help them to acquire knowledge through exploring a variety of activities including  reading, writing, cooking, dramatic play, books, art, singing, dancing, playing inside and outside, manipulatives, nature walks, gardening and more.

Social and emotional skill development of the child is emphasized by showing respect and concern for people and things, acceptance and response to teacher’s directions and following classroom rules and routines.  Transitions are practiced as they move from activity to activity.  Children learn to participate in classroom activities, cooperate during play and to resolve conflict.

Encouraged gross motor skills include running, jumping, hopping, and galloping, ball skills, climbing, and pedaling a tricycle (or other steered vehicle).  Children will demonstrate balance while moving and learn how each body part moves.  Attention is given to emerging fine motor skills needed for writing, drawing and cutting.

Health concepts covered include healthy habits of eating, exercise, hygiene and their importance to body functioning.

Language and communication are encouraged by the asking of questions and listening to answers in order to gain their meaning.  Age appropriate grammar, increasing vocabulary, and proper sentence structure are used in conversation with peers and adults.  Dramatic acting of stories give children the opportunity to tell stories through actions, dialogue and even music.

Emergent reading skills introduced include understanding of print concepts, knowledge of the alphabet and letter sounds.  Emergent writing is encouraged through the use of tools held correctly (also a fine motor skill), using letters & symbols to convey meaning, and writing own name with capital and lowercase letters.

Math concepts are taught using manipulatives to understand number and quantity, sorting, and categorizing.  Patterns are used for sequencing and learning to recognize and duplicate patterns of varying lengths.  Positional words are introduced as well as shapes in the environment.

Children will gain basic science skills by using simple experiments and science tools (magnets, prisms, magnifying glasses, etc.) to investigate and question the natural world.

Stories, toys and special guests provide opportunities for learning about other cultures, families, and where they live in the world.

Art experiences promote creativity throughout the year.  Children will use a variety of art materials and processes (painting, drawing, sculpting, weaving) for tactile experiences and exploration.  Music is used to enhance all parts of the curriculum including the vocabulary of music (rhythm, beat, melody, tempo).  Participation is encouraged with voice, instruments, and dance to help convey feeling, for fun, or to reflect cultural diversity.

Technology is introduced and its use is encouraged for art and learning.  Children will have the opportunity to learn to open and exit software, use the mouse and keyboard, and use cameras, video and audio recorders.

Fours students have an optional Picnic Pals program that begins after the regular school day.  Children bring their own nutritious lunch.  Enrichment activities after lunch will include music, movement, art, literacy and science.


Class Schedule

Classes offered Hours
Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Mon, Wed, and Fri 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Tues, Thurs, and Fri 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Optional Picnic Pals 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Tuition Info

Period Days per week Amount Due
Monthly (Aug-May) 3 Days / 5 Days 290 / 395
Late Enrollment, per month 3 Days / 5 Days 320 / 440
Semi-annual 3 Days / 5 Days 1,425 / 1,950
Annual 3 Days / 5 Days 2,850 / 3,900


Picnic Pal’s Fee Info

One Day per Week Two Days Three Days Four Days Five Days
Monthly (Aug-May) 35 75 115 155 195
Late Enrollment, per month 39 83 128 172 217
Semi-Annual 175 375 575 775 975
Annual 350 750 1,150 1,550 1,950
Drop-in Rate 20/day

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